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Whee One Piece 183



Enel just got about as owned as anyone I've ever seen. Luffy's demonstrated himself to be a pretty damn good tactician, in case we didn't already know. He came up with two ways around Enel's Mantra; one offensive, one defensive. That removes Enel's second big advantage. I'm sure he's going to make a comeback for Drama's sake, but watching Enel get the absolute fuck hammered out of him was incredibly satisfying.

Also, much <3 at Luffy tossing Nami his hat while she's freaking out. That was brilliant. And his little speech about how she shouldn't be panicking, she's a Nakama to the future pirate king was great too.

I'm actually kinda sad that Kaizoku Fansubs are doing the next movie next; the movie's gonna take longer and it's a huge wait to see what happens next episode. Ah well.
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