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Why are stupid people such jerks?

Honestly. I'm sick of it. The wave of stupidity that seems to be dominating the culture these days.

I think my first experience with it was at a MacDonalds. No, I wasn't eating at that vile place. There was a Subway nearby, and I got a sub and let the rest of my tasteless family eat at the Golden Arches of Despair. Anyways, the place had this little N64 setupo in the back-it had a few 64s, with one controller, no sound, and often defunct and/or black and white screens, that you could play. I had finished my meal and was sitting down for a nice, relaxing game of Mario Golf when this little girl-she couldn't have been more then five years old-calmly walks up, pushes me aside, prys the controller from my hands and plays in my place.

I could have simply wrestled the controller away-she was at most half my size-but instead I turned to her mother, who had seen the whole thing and had decided to do nothing.

Well, I think, maybe she just didn't notice. So I go over to her and say 'You know, your little girl just pushed me off the game system'.

I expected her to act like a responsible parent. In other words, tell her daughter to give it back at the very least. Punishment, or the threat of it would have been ideal.

Instead, she just looks at me as if I was the stupidest person alive and says 'Well, they're here for everybody' in an irritating nasal voice.

Realizing I am in the presence of a total dumbass, I calmly back off. It's not worth kicking up a shitstorm over, after all, and there were plenty of other consoles to use. However, none of that kept my from thinking Holy shit, that woman is going to win a Darwin award.

I mean, how incredibly stupid can you get? Yes, they are here for everybody. There is no sign hanging overhead saying 'For white, straight males only. Preferrably with 20/20 vision'. The game systems being there for everyone's enjoyment is not an issue. What is an issue is what kind of parent just lets her child get away with that sort of thing. I'd have gotten a warning, and then I would have been punished if I didn't comply with my parent's wishes. But no, some people apparently feel they are too good to punish.

That was five years ago, and it's only gotten worse.

I mean, the world is saturated by stupid people. Look at Birtney Spears(My cute and innocent ways won't get me CD sales? OK, then, I'll become a stupid slut!). Look at Micheal Jackson(My ranch at Neverland and the activities there will never draw suspicion!). For crying out loud, look at the parents who left their child with Micheal Jackson!(I guess I'll just leave my most precious possession with a man who doesn't even looks human, live up in a private ranch isolated from the rest of the world, shares his bed with children and has previously been accused of child molestation!) Don't get me started.

Note that I've mentioned mostly celebrities. Well, the fact is, stupid dominates the real world too. From the school principal who is doing her best to imitate Mao by making up rediculous rules on the spot and not telling anyone, to the retired moron sitting on a stool in front of Parliment Hill everyday, rain or shine, holding and placing various signs which say things like 'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve' and 'Homosexuality-Canada's Legacy?'.

If you placed a gun in my hand right now and told me I could do whatever I wanted with impunity, with no repurcussions, my first act would probably be to hunt down and slay these total retards before they can pollute the gene pool any further. But this all begs the question-how exactly did these morons come to exist in such great numbers? Surely it's not all genetic.

Part of it I blame on Jack Chick and his ilk. for every one hundred people that laugh their asses off at a Chick tract, there's one moron who takes it seriously. That, I think, is where the parliament hill idiot come from. If you assume that just the population of Canada get shown a Chick tract, that's 316,297 morons right there, and I suspect that a lot more then the population of Canada have been shown Chick tracts. Remember, baby Jesus weeps everytime another Chick tract is shown.

But religious morons are not enough explanation. Where do all these bumbling, good-for-nothing fools come from? I don't know, but I can guess.

My first guess would be the idiocy within the school system. Any moron can graduate from high school in Ontario, and from what I hear, the schools have been dumbed down even more in the states. All because, God Forbid we could ever hurt their Feelings. It could damage their Self Esteem. *gasp*

My second would be the monkey see, monkey do principle-one moron gets famous, and a horde of impressionable pre-teens attempt to emulate them. Catastrophy ensues. Honestly, I will kill my self before I allow a Birtney-spear imitator or a quote-unquote 'Skater Punk' into office. I don't want the US or Canada to be governed over by some idiot who thinks that wearing baggy clothing and gelling their hair and having earrings and calling everyone else a fag makes them tough. Actually, I'd like to send one back to the fities or something and watch the other kids call them gay. Ah, sweet, sweet irony.

The third is the internet. Don't get me wrong, the internet is a wonderful thing, but some people think that not being within striking distance gives them the liscense to say whatever the hell they want, and talk however they want. Step into a chatroom, or the Gaia chatterbox sometime, and see what I mean. Eventually, that's gotta start leaking over to the real world.

At the moment, the only two solutions I can think of to this burgeoning problem is to give the smart people magnums and a liscence to kill stupid people, or neutering the idiots.

Remember, spay or neuter your idiot child.

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