PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Wow, I haven't actually updated this thing about me in an age.

Right now, I've found work again. I'm a newly-minted Night Auditor at a local hotel, which means I basically work the desk at night and check the accounts. It's part time, but barely, and I'm good at staying up until late in the AM, so it works well for me.

I also found some temporary work teaching piano! I don't have my Grade 8 so they can't take me on full-time but I'm just doing sub work. It's only like four hours a week, so it hardly pays anything at all...but I like it. It's fun!

In other news, I'm sure everybody on my flist knows that I am not a Sasuke fan. Actually, quite the opposite, I really dislike him. But theskytides just got a Sasuke and...he's actually really awesome! I play Gai, and playing off him has been great so far!

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