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So tonight's Star Trek TNG episode was that one with the planet of clones (Mariposa, I think) and the planet of Space Amish. I'd never seen it before, but it was pretty great, for the most part.

Things I particularly liked:

- The Space Amish leader's daughter. Oh man, was she awesome. She was seriously RUNNING SHIT, and it was nice to see that instead of dismissing her or something, people gave her respect for it. "She reminds me of Klingon women" indeed. Seriously, every moment she was on-screen was like compressed lulz and amazing.
- The fact that they didn't make a big show of how quaint and useless the Space Amish were. They weren't idiots, they were just low-tech. It would be far, far too easy to spend an entire episode belabouring how backwards they were, or (almost as bad) romanticizing them, acting as if their 'simple life' was somehow inherently superior. Instead, they were just treated with respect.
- Similarly, how they clearly showed that stealing Riker and Pulaski's genetic material to make new clones was a violation (and man, was I glad when Pulaski spoke up about it; at first it was just Riker being vocal about it, and that made me a touch uncomfortable. The woman being alright with her control over her body being usurped? AWKWAAARD), it was also the act of desperate people facing extinction. They weren't cardboard villains, they were just trying to survive.
- Relatedly: When Riker said that "one Will Riker is unique, special...but a hundred?", I fell out of my chair laughing. Aaaaahahaha, was this set before or after the whole 'transporter clone' episode? Please tell me before.

There was some stuff I wasn't so big on, though:

- Why didn't Picard ask the Enterprise's crew if there were any volunteers willing to give up a DNA sample? I mean, the Enterprise has a pretty substantial crew size, I find it hard to believe that there would be NOBODY on board who wouldn't have a hang-up about being cloned.
- Riker hitting on the amazing lady described above. That was just pointless. At least it never blossomed into a full-blown romance plot.
- No time was spent on the moral dilemma raised by killing half-grown clones made from stolen DNA samples. I mean, NO time. Riker just beamed into the Clone-making room and phasered them dead. Maybe they could have used the time wasted on Riker hitting on Epic Daughter for that, instead! And that could have been interesting because, yes, they were made via a violation of Riker and Pulaski's human rights...but they were also alive. There was a legitimate question there, and I wasn't big on how they sort of pointedly ignored it.
- The whole "all women should have three women by three different husbands" thing. While it wasn't as bad as it could be, since there was a reason for it, both in-universe (Genetic base needs to be as wide as possible) and for story-telling purposes (the Space Amish needed to give up some aspect of their culture as well, or else this was a really one-sided deal), and they were given a choice about it, it made me uncomfortable. Although, I have to admit, it was pretty awesome when Epic Daughter CALLED THEM OUT on it.

Also, there was a pretty good commercial that kept airing. It was for some sort of microwavable food (Uncle Ben's, I think) and the basic plot of it was that a microwave timer dings, and then a half-dressed woman comes racing down the stairs to get it out. The selling point is that it's "ready before you are". I know it sounds lame, but I was impressed with the way it was shot: the woman may not have had a shirt on, but unlike many commercials featuring those circumstances it wasn't madly overladen with male gaze; it was actually pretty tasteful. Most of it was very pulled back, and the only time it closeuped on her bust line was for a brief instant suring a quick pan from her face to the bowl of food, which was on the counter in front of her.

Basically I was impressed that it was a commercial featuring a half-dressed woman that wasn't incredibly tasteless.

Unfortunately, the Voyager episode that was on after that was one of the awful 'CHAKOTAY IS A NATIVE AMERICAN STEREOTYYYYYPE' ones. ugh. Although the Doctor and Kes were pretty rad in it.
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