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Update for my 100animanga claim, as well as some Planetes icons!

Flame of Recca - 15 icons
Domon Ishijima - 01
Gaou - 01
Hisui - 02
Joker - 01
Kamui - 01
Kurei - 02
Mikagami Tokiya - 01
Mikoto - 01
Mori Kouran - 01
Rasen - 02
Recca Hanabishi - 01
Yanagi Sakoshita - 01

Planetes - 10 icons
Fee Carmichael - 03
Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino - 03
Nono - 02
The Toy Box - 01
Yuri Mihairokov - 01


Here at excusemewtfru.
Tags: domon, fee carmichael, flame of recca, gaou, hachimaki, hisui, icons, joker, kamui, kurei, mikoto, mori koran, nono, planetes, rasen, recca hanabishi, the toy box, update, yanagi sakoshita, yuri mihairokov

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