PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

This makes me angry.

To be precise, this sort of thinking makes me angry:

“For gay men, the most compelling argument against the criminalization of HIV is the propensity of those who hate us to use AIDS fear as a weapon against our civil liberties,” insists Sky Gilbert, a well-known gay-rights firebrand. He thinks the activist establishment should have demanded that Mr. Aziga be acquitted.

I mean, I understand that concern, but at the same time? Fuck you, that's not what the justice system is for. If you go around deliberately exposing other people to a deadly bio-hazard, I don't care if the delivery method is an aerosol spray or an envelope of white powder or your fucking penis. That is both morally reprehensible and criminal activity, and deserves to be punished to the full extent that the law allows.

Proposing to allow him to get away with that in order to further your political cause (even if it is a cause that I agree with!) disgusts me on a very fundamental level.

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