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Meme from ew_younerd

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5.When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ...

1. On confronting privilege: Do you think the more effective approach is to coddle someone and talk to them nicely about it, or call them out and show anger ?
I think somewhere in between? I mean anger is better at getting through that they done fucked up but if you don't coddle at least a little you'll just look insane to them and that's not really productive. Generally cold anger, where you treat them like the dumbass they're being but don't go over the top about it is the best approach, I guess.

Although I just have no tolerance for people getting pissed off at people for not knowing the feminist lingo. This is a problem pretty endemic to any discussion on racism or sexism or other -ism where one of the participants is not well-educated on the subject.

2. YOUR FAVE AVATAR FEMSLASH PAIRINGS. Also! Your thoughts on the lack of femslash in fandom, period.
KATARA/TOPH, FOR REALS. With Ty Lee/Mai right behind it. I also have a very shallow liking for Azula/Katara. VERY shallow.

3. You have the ability to possess Kishimoto and change Naruto to be exactly as you want it to be. WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR CHANGES?
Pffft I could be here all day. OK, QUICK RUN-DOWN OF CHANGES:

  • Totally change the team structure (except for Asuma's team, since they were arranged not due to arbitrary bullshit like grades but by request from their dads). The new teams would break down like this:
    • Team Kakashi: Sasuke, Neji, Shino

    • Team Gai: Lee, Naruto, Hinata

    • Team Asuma: Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino

    • Team Kurenai: Tenten, Kiba, Sakura

    I admit that Team Kurenai is just formed of the leftovers, but the more I think about it the more fun I think it'd be, so.

  • Make it much more of an ensemble show. Team Gai would be the focus, but the other teams would show up all the time too, and get to do stuff. There would be a lot more cross-pollination between the teams; unlike in current canon, where each team seems horribly insular and don't seem to ever interact outside of pounding the shit out of each other/other people.

  • Tenten would get lines. And fight scenes.

  • SASUKE WOULD NEVER GO OFF WITH OROCHIMARU. I mean, the bucket arc would still happen but it wouldn't end the way it did.

  • I would punch the village system and other politics in the face until they start to make sense.

  • Tsunade would not ever have a blood phobia. What the HELL was that, Kishimoto. She'd also get to show off as a capable leader and ninja more often.

  • Sakura would get badass so much sooner. And even when she was being relatively lamesauce, she'd get to do something more productive than stand around with a kunai.

  • Kakashi would never, ever, mouth the words 'I guess girls of her age are more interested in boys than Ninjutsu'.


4. What do you like better: OP or Fairy Tale? Give me reasons!
...fuuuuuck. I really cannot make a decision here. They are both so awesome!

Seriously, they have similar art and tbhemes and EVERYTHING, it is so hard to decide. So, uh, by categories...in terms of art, I think I like Fairy Tail better. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T LOVE ODA, I do, but Fairy Tail's art does similar things in a more refined manner.

In terms of emotional punch One Piece takes the prize. Fairy Tail is good at hitting you in the gut, too, but Oda made me cry about a BOAT. A BOAT. Victory: One Piece

Longevity, clear victory to One Piece. Fairy Tail could run out of gas and sputter out. It's happened before. But One Piece has been going on four times as long and is STILL going strong. Stronger than ever, in fact.

And in terms of gender stuff, Fairy Tail takes the prize. One Piece is vastly better than most of it's contemporaries (Naruto? Bleach? D. Gray Man? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH) but Fairy Tail is miles and away one of the best manga I've read in terms of gender roles.

So, uh. BOTH ARE TOO EXCELLENT TO DECIDE BETWEEN. If you like the one you'll like the other. EVERYONE SHOULD READ BOTH, it makes your week so much better!

FFFFFFFF oh you. I plead the fifth on who as it would incriminate me as embarrassed, but 'what is she like'...smart, funny, independent, and more than willing to engage me in ridiculous discussions that can last for hours.

That actually describes most girls I've been interested in over the course of my life. Huh.
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